Meet the talented, dedicated, and amazing individuals who volunteer their time and talent in support of Music Hall. Our volunteers get to spend time in a beautiful structure, discover interesting stories about its unique history and relate them to visitors from around the world. We also spend time together, working in teams and occasionally socializing at parties and organization events. It is a great way to give back to your community!

Friends of Music Hall has been a volunteer-driven organization since it was founded in the late 1980s. Volunteers are needed for  the Music Hall Information Desk, as tour guides and in administration.

Find out more or sign up to become a Friends of Music Hall volunteer now.

SPMH Volunteer Ekkehard Bohme with tour group

Ekkehard Böhme

While there are several ways a volunteer can work at Music Hall, Ekkehard Böhme takes two routes. He’s been an … Read More

Barbara Gomes, SPMH volunteer

Barbara Gomes

When you major in history in college, you feel at home in an historic building! Barbara Gomes is in her … Read More

SPMH volunteer Dale Pepper

Dale Pepper

Travel is almost a way of life for Dale Pepper. When he left the service, Dale and his friends drove … Read More

Cliff Goosmann, SPMH Volunteer

Cliff Goosmann

Of all of Friends of Music Hall’s volunteers, Cliff Goosmann could very well know Music Hall – both pre-renovation and … Read More

SPMH Volunteer Alan Bunker

Alan Bunker

In July 2017, workers renovating Music Hall moved into high gear as the early October reopening date drew closer. The … Read More

SPMH Volunteer David Lane with tour guests

David Lane

David Lane started volunteering at Music Hall in 2017. His love of history and travel, and an interest in sharing … Read More

Friends of Music Hall volunteer Jay Issler

Jay Issler

When it comes to tours, Jay Issler is definitely a major league player. He’s knowledgeable and yet so personable that, … Read More

SPMH Volunteer Dennis Pratte

Dennis Pratte

An interest in music, history and architecture led Dennis Pratte to sign up to become a volunteer for Friends of … Read More

SPMH Volunteer Carol Kruse and tour group in the Taft Suite

Carol Kruse

Music Hall and our organization Friends of Music Hall are a big part of Carol Kruse’s life! She’s been a … Read More

SPMH volunteer Ron Hoffman

Ron Hoffman

The confluence of a love of music and history, a background in teaching, and a little coaxing from former SPMH … Read More

SPMH Volunteer Becky Moeggenberg and tour group

Becky Moeggenberg

While Becky Moeggenberg started volunteering as a Program Guide in the fall of 2017, her association with Music Hall goes … Read More

SPMH volunteer Fred Warren

Fred Warren

When an individual volunteers for Friends of Music Hall, that person automatically becomes a member. Fred Warren had a “leg … Read More

SPMH Volunteer Mary Bunker

Mary Bunker

Mary Bunker first came to Music Hall in 1985 as a teacher, when she and her second grade class traveled … Read More