Many who walk into historic Cincinnati Music Hall are awed by its beauty and presence. Joyce VanWye and Norma Petersen were similarly entranced. After years of attending parties, meetings, events, and listening to their favorite music in this remarkable space, they realized they wanted to give back to the place that had given them so many fond memories.
They co-founded SPMH - The Society for the Preservation of Music Hall and the predecessor to the newly-renamed Friends of Music Hall. They understood the need to ensure the future of Music Hall as Cincinnati’s premier performing arts and cultural center for generations to come.
While we celebrate the success of the 2016-17 revitalization of Music Hall, there remains the need to support, preserve and protect this Historic National Landmark on an ongoing and special project basis.
It is the mission of Friends of Music Hall to preserve, improve, promote, and provide education about Music Hall for our community. Invest in Music Hall's future! Your support and donations provide this necessary funding for continued preservation.
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Joyce VanWye and Norma Petersen