In order to preserve, improve, promote and provide education to our Community and the region, Friends of Music Hall (formerly Society for the Preservation of Music Hall - SPMH) fulfills this mission by funding special projects to draw people to this significant structure of National Historical prominence.

Community Outreach: Tours and Education Programs

Tours provide an "Insider's Look" at Music Hall.

The Friends of Music Hall Speakers Series brings Music Hall to you and your organization through a "virtual" tour.

Community Outreach features an In-School Program on Music Hall for students grades 3-5 which is aligned with state standards for History and Art.

Organ Panel Restoration

Our organization undertook the task of acquiring and refinishing many of the beautiful art-carved panels of the original Hook and Hastings Organ in Music hall. They are now on display in the Taft Suite and can be seen on tours of Music Hall.

Special Projects also include the award-winning historic documentary, Music Hall - Cincinnati Finds Its Voice, and Cincinnati Music Hall: The Next Movement, a new feature program produced by CET on the structure's renovation.

Friends of Music Hall Speakers Series

Friends of Music Hall Speakers Series

Hand-carved panels for the original Music Hall organ