Friends of Music Hall Speakers Series

Music Hall: Then and Now

Music Hall: Then and Now speaks to guests with a wide range of ages and interests! It features historic and present-day images of the recently revitalized Music Hall, along with stories on Music Hall’s unique role in Cincinnati's history. Explore this stunning and majestic structure and how it reflects the spirit of both past and present. Discover why it was the envy of the Great Midwest in the 19th century and the cornerstone of the 21st century renaissance of Cincinnati's historic heart. If you have a particular interest in history, music, theater, architecture or Cincinnati culture, this will be a fascinating and memorable experience.

Under One Roof: The African American Experience in Music Hall

African Americans made their mark in Cincinnati Music Hall from its inception: builders, politicians, athletes, and performing artists of all kinds. Jazz greats, from Duke Ellington to Billie Holiday, as well as the earliest R&B and rock musicians immortalized on King Records, performed in the South Hall--one of the nation’s premier ballrooms. In the North Hall, World Heavyweight Champion Ezzard Charles fought some of his most important bouts, while in Springer Auditorium 19th-century stage shows and 20th-century operatic divas helped break the color barrier on the main stage. Experience the history of African Americans whose determination and artistry helped forge the ethos of our city and laid the foundation of American music.

Muses: The Women of Music Hall:

Throughout the 140-year+ history of our "Grand Lady,” Cincinnati Music Hall, the contributions and legacy of incredible women: philanthropists, suffragettes, artists, divas, prima ballerinas, and musicians, have stirred the souls of all within her walls, but have largely been uncelebrated. From Susan B. Anthony to Helen "Nellie” Taft; Isadora Duncan to Janis Joplin; Maria Callas to Mamie Smith, learn how trailblazing women placed the crown upon the Queen City with fortitude and brilliance.

Pulling Out All the Stops: Music Hall's Mighty Organs

visits 19th century Cincinnati, a center of pipe organ building and Music Hall’s six organs from the Hook & Hastings organ to the famed Mighty Wurlitzer.

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Reuben Springer

Thea Tjepkema, FMH board member, presents "Under One Roof: The African American Experience in Music Hall" at the Main Library.
Reuben Springer

"Under One Roof: The African American Experience in Music Hall" at the Main Library.