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SPMH: Telling Music Hall’s Stories

There are lots of stories in and about Cincinnati Music Hall.

You can discover these stories on an SPMH Tour. And through the Speakers Series we bring you stories within an entertaining presentation.

Another way SPMH is telling stories about Music Hall is through our member publication.

Music Hall Marks

“Music Hall Marks” is a booklet provided free to SPMH members and individuals who support our organization.

While each edition is sent out to members, you can also read “Music Hall Marks” online.

Only SPMH is Telling Music Hall’s Stories

The most recent issue highlights the restoration of Corbett Tower, showing what details were discovered when the construction team removed the ceiling.

SPMH restoration efforts also included returning the black brick design on Music Hall’s façade. The brick staining is just the start of SPMH’s commitment to restoring Music Hall to Samuel Hannaford’s original design.

What treasures remain to be uncovered and restored? That story can be found in the Winter 2017 edition of “Music Hall Marks.”

Also featured in this issue: two people who are important to SPMH and Music Hall:

  • Barbara Gomes is a treasured volunteer, and it’s both a joy and honor to know her and work with her. Barbara’s profile by Ramona Toussaint paints a portrait of dedication and hard work. Each of our Program Guides is a skilled presenter who makes tours entertaining and interesting. Sign up for a tour and see for yourself! More volunteers will be featured in future MHM issues.
  • Polk Laffoon IV has written an interesting profile about CSO musician Matt Zory. Matt’s creativity and talent is not limited to the bass. He photographed the renovation of Music Hall from day 1 and the results are stunning – painterly. Matt’s book is now available. You’ll find his images are often elegant and poetic in their depiction of laborers and craftspeople working in Music Hall.
Past Issues Are Also Online

There are many SPMH stories that remain significant today. Several back issues of “Music Hall Marks” detail former Board Member Kathy Janson and the several years she devoted to identifying and procuring art-carved panels from the original Hook & Hastings organ, as well as the restoration of those panels.

In past issues of “Music Hall Marks,” you’ll also find:

  • Profiles of the original members who helped build SPMH
  • Stories about key historical events and unusual occurrences in Music Hall’s history
  • Photos and details of Wurlitzer concerts and about the organ itself
  • Memories of Music Hall from many who have attended events or work here
  • A Tour of “Hidden” Places in Music Hall
  • Features on Music Hall Resident Companies
  • And much, much more!