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Reflections on SPMH and Music Hall

It’s a New Year and I’m reflecting on the past one.

As a newer director on the Board for SPMH, today I’m thinking about the role I’ve been playing on behalf of a timeless treasure during 2017.

While living and working in Over the Rhine, I’m so grateful to be within eyesight of Music Hall daily. The gift of the past is often overlooked, but presently it is indeed the past that has given new life to our future.

Cincinnati Music Hall

This old iconic structure, so in need of care and maintenance two years ago, was selected to be a major focus of Cincinnatians’ time and resources.

By doing so, we’ve managed to create a sense of pride, location and resilience that is drawing people in record numbers to our city and bringing an interest back to the Cincinnati arts, music, architecture, history and its place and importance in our lives.

Preserving and Improving Music Hall

When SPMH was originated, it was the carpets and drapes in need of refreshing and a willing band of Music Hall fans who made those updates, who, over time, grew to become the preservers of Music Hall.

While making updates, maintaining sculptures and organs, giving tours and sharing education about its origins and iterations, we’ve now, after 30 years of support, become a major contributor to the renovation and more importantly the ongoing maintenance and promotion of this historic landmark.

Cherish the Past

For myself, it began with a donation. Well before our website was renewed and offered safe online giving, I placed a check in an envelope and hand delivered that to an SPMH board member with only an inkling of interest.

That contribution began to feed a sense of purpose and responsibility to keeping a a piece of Cincinnati in my care. Those resources became an investment in my city and in something we share together, our history.

I’m a proud Cincinnatian and I’m proud to be sharing a bit of my time and talents with a board that works and appreciates this beautiful building and has by their service made a promise to uphold her integrity.

Protect the Future

If you are making resolutions this year, consider making an investment in your hometown or new hometown, to Music Hall, a wonder that has thrilled people for almost 140 years and by our resolution will continue to do so.

Here’s to 2018!

Holly Brians Ragusa
Member, SPMH Board of Directors