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SPMH “Unwrapped Event” a Success!

At the SPMH “Unwrapped” event, Music Hall’s Corbett Tower shone brighter than even the three lovely chandeliers could take credit for! Our SPMH SOLD OUT, Music Hall Event shared this incredible space and tours of Music Hall with over 400 of our new and returning friends to roaring success!

Thank you from all of us at SPMH to our guests, our members, our new members and our volunteer program guides who knowledgeably articulated the restoration processes SPMH endeavored to accomplish.

Music of the Faux Frenchmen bounced beautifully about the cove ceiling and our videographer Steve Zugelter at Zoogmedia wonderfully presented our story through film to share with all of you.

For Music Hall and SPMH supporters

If you were in attendance last night, please share your thoughts for the evening. What were your favorite part of the tours and event?

We certainly enjoyed meeting many of you and look forward to future events with your support!

The SPMH Mission

Music Hall is Cincinnati’s own treasure. Everyone with SPMH takes seriously the stewardship entrusted to us for its care and maintenance!

There is more work to do to keep Music Hall shining bright for many generations to come!