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Renovations Taking Place After Music Hall Re-opens

Cincinnati Music Hall has just been renovated. What’s left to do?

You may be surprised!

The next project involves additional work on the exterior. SPMH is examining what it would take, and how much it would cost, to return Music Hall to its original “look”—the way Samuel Hannaford designed the structure.

The black brick detailing has been completed on the east and west sides. Much of that detailing was lost when the exterior was sandblasted in the 70s. This is something visible to anyone passing by Music Hall.

However, there is some detailing evident in historic renderings of Music Hall, such as the iron cresting and pinnacles that used to be on the roof.

Also, a close examination of Music Hall’s façade shows that some of the sandstone finials have fallen away, particularly the one to the left of the rose window.

In mid 2020, work began toward restoring the broken and missing sandstone finials. You can expect to see the new finials in place by mid 2021!